Image Credit: Fruitymasterz

Start your journey into the world of synthesizer VSTs with this free virtual synthesizer plugin from Fruitymasterz.

Curious about synths, but intimidated by all the confusing plugins? Start growing your VST library with the new and improved version of Fruitymasterz’s Hercules virtual synth. Fruitymasterz are offering the Hercules V2 to download as a free plugin.

The first Hercules synthesizer was developed as an accessible VST to offer a gateway into synths for beginner producers who also might not be able to afford to pay for expensive synth plugins, and the update is no different. The new free synth plugin is available for Windows in VST2 and VST3 formats.

The easy workflow is still present in the Hercules V2 release, offering a chance for beginners to get to grips with how synthesizers work and play around making presets and exploring sounds.

The updated V2 offers improvements in sound quality and extra features, as well as an upgrade in how the plugin looks.

Image Credit: Fruitymasterz

An FX section contains a ping-pong delay and chorus, and two additional Noise Oscillators have been added as well as three ADSR envelopes. Once installed, any projects made with the older Hercules VST will be untouched.

The user-friendly layout makes the Hercules V2 perfect for producers just starting to delve into the world of synthesizers.

Find out more and download the free synth plugin here.