Netflix sign their music publishing rights exclusively to BMG

Netflix have signed up their music publishing rights from original shows like Stranger Things exclusively to BMG for publishing rights outside of the US.

The new deal between BMG and Netflix will cover the publishing rights for the music used in Netflix’s exclusive, original series and films. The deal will put BMG in charge of looking after Netflix’s original scores, transition cues, themes, and feature songs for all of their own-developed content.

BMG’s US president of repertoire and marketing, Zach Katz said: “It is an understatement to say we are excited to be working with Netflix. This agreement is a significant endorsement of the BMG team and platform from one of the most forward-thinking and innovative entertainment companies in the world. It also highlights the particular strength of Keith Hauprich [Deputy General Counsel, BMG US] and his film and TV publishing team.”

Hauprich added: “Partnering with Netflix is an incredible endorsement for our film and TV department. We look forward to extending the BMG service to the fast growing catalog of Netflix.”

With over 93 million subscribers across more than 190 countries Netflix are world dominator’s of on-demand video streaming, making this deal a massive one for BMG. As well it shows just how vast Netflix is getting, in particular with their increasingly eclectic selection of original programming which will now have it’s original audio rights fully protected and managed.

Netflix’s director of music licensing, Dominic Houston said: “After a long process of selecting the right partner for Netflix, we are delighted to be able to announce this new partnership with BMG and look forward to getting started with the team there. We were particularly impressed by the commercial and technology expertise of BMG, and are excited to see what opportunities we can develop together.”

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