debut live streaming platform –, the music based social network that helps users create music videos is expanding into live streaming with a new platform –

With the new app users can live stream their videos, which will be watchable from The company have started making available to certain users that will expand to it’s entire user base over the next few weeks. gained popularity mainly for it’s lip syncing features that meant you could easily create videos of you singing, dubbed with the original song. This resonated with teens everywhere and grew into an 80 million strong userbase. As it’s popularity grew, so did it’s purpose as co-CEO Alex Zhu said: “People started using in different ways which we didn’t anticipate.”

This unexpected use no doubt informed their new streaming platform. Live streaming has become incredibly popular with YouTube, Facebook, and even Twitter integrating live streaming options into their services. It will be interesting to see how users respond to and use, but it has a lot to live up to if it plans to reach the levels of competitors.

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    Why cant we go live on android I’ve been waiting forever can u please hurry I see all my friends doing and I want to do it also

    Unfortunately they haven’t released it yet on Android, they say that it’s coming soon though so… Fingers crossed!

    You can download from the Google Play Store on Androids and from the Apple App Store on iPhones and iPads

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