I studied A level music technology at Truro College for two years and picked up a good range of skills and techniques.

I’ve learnt how to record and mix a song from scratch, sequence an entire track using only a MIDI keyboard, composing and sampling techniques, and recreate one song in the style of another.
All of these tasks and throughout the course I used Logic Pro 9 (Mac only).

Other DAW (digital audio workstation) software that can perform similar tasks as Logic can be purchased for Windows as well, some for free.

Basic operations available on most DAWs include recording, editing, audio file input, sampling, time stretching, pitch alterations, effect processing, and MIDI inputs and edits.

The latest iteration of Apple’s Logic line-up Logic Pro X, with a whole new designed user interface and was released last year.

Logic Pro X

Taking Music Technology at college meant that I was taught all the necessary functions needed to operate Logic, however there are enough YouTube tutorials out their to learn most aspects of any DAWs.

The great thing about digital music, is professional sounding songs can be created on the lowest of budgets, with only a laptop and DAW software. These two ingredients are the source of many popular tracks today and almost every EDM track.