Mumbai’s ‘YouTube Space’ Production Facility Will Be Available Soon

YouTube announced new ‘YouTube Spaces’ for Toronto and Mumbai at VidCon 2015, now Mumbai’s space is almost ready.

YouTube Spaces are production spaces created to collate an area’s YouTube talent into one space designed for creativity, learning and collaboration with some of the YouTube Community’s finest. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki announced at VidCon 2015 that they would be adding spaces in Mumbai and Toronto.

With Mumbai’s YouTube Space Indian content creators will have access to professional video production facilities that have been created in partnership with Whistling Woods International film school. The Mumbai ‘Space’ will be located on the Whistling Woods school campus in Mumbai’s Film City complex.

Last week at the Film Bazaar in Goa YouTube’s head of content operations, Satya Raghavan, said: “The space will launch next week and will be open to anyone interested in creating professional looking content.” Raghavan added that with the network of facilities around the world Mumbai’s YouTube Space will “help in accelerating potential creative collaborations between content creators from different countries”.

The YouTube Space in Mumbai will be open to content creators and students at Whistling Woods International film school allowing them access to high-end audio, visual and editing equipment. In addition there will be training programs, workshops and community events available.

At her talk in July’s VidCon Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, expressed the importance of YouTube’s relationships with its creators, saying: “YouTube succeeds only if you, our creators, succeed. You’re the reason that we’re all here today; you’re the reason that VidCon exists in the first place.”

Mumbai joins Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, New York, São Paulo, Berlin and Paris, all with their own YouTube Spaces. There is still no more news as to when exactly the YouTube Space in Mumbai will be officially opened other than sometime this week, judging on Satya Raghavan’s statement.

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