MOTU’s DP 10 update brings a bunch of great new features for music production but their Clip Window might be the best.

MOTU’s Digital Performer is one of the most high quality DAWs out there although it’s often left out of tops lists in favour of the more popular offerings like Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro and others. With Digital Performer 10 the DAW presents it’s best, most diverse offering yet with new features taking it’s production capabilities to the next level.

One of competitor Ableton’s most beloved features is it’s session view allowing the looping, recording and launching of clips in an arrangement that makes building around loops and samples a dream. MOTU have taken inspiration for DP 10 with the introduction of Clips Window.

The new Clip Window allows you to trigger, stack, add and edit loops on the fly for a seamless producing process of building blocks. It’s a brilliant way to create and build upon ideas but also enhances live performance as you can triggers individual clips or multiple clips at a time, rows of clips and more.

With Digital Performer’s unique clip queue you can stack clip sequences so that you don’t have to manually trigger each one. Like with Ableton’s Session View the Clips Window will work seamlessly with many MIDI controllers for launching tracks, rows and clips.

Beyond the Clips Window there are loads more improvements and additions to make DP 10 their best DAW yet. The new Stretch Edit layer lets you precisely control anchor points to achieve exactly the feel you want. For global tempo control, simply enable Stretch mode and the entire audio track instantly conforms to your project tempo and time line, even with smooth tempo changes over time.

With the Beat Detection feature DP 10 can find the beat in your rhythmic audio, from individual loops to multi-channels stems to full mixes. Once beats are detected, you can fully manipulate them with DP’s new Stretch Audio feature and industry-leading tempo adjustment features. Drop loops into the Clips Window, all completely in time with the rest of your music.

If it’s feature packed interface wasn’t enough, MOTU’s Digital Performer 10 comes with 6 GB of free loops and sample packs to work from and use in your mixes and tracks.

Digital Performer 10 comes with loads of amazing, new features on top of what made the DAW an already quality contender. Find out more here:

MOTU Digital Performer 10 is planned for release in the next few months for PC and Mac for $499 with upgrade options for existing DP owners.