Image Credit: PhonicBloom

Created by PhonicBloom, MMXX T-APE is a cassette-shaped bytebeat sequencer and fractal explorer, that generates sound using mathematic formulas.

MMXX T-APE is one of the more interesting synthesisers we’ve seen. PhonicBloom says T-APE’s sound engine works like a granular sampler, using mathematically generated “bytebeat” to create sound, rather than a conventional sampler that manipulates sampled sounds.

Image Credit: PhonicBloom

“T-ape allows you to hear it, browse, zoom, cut and mangle its most interesting pieces and arrange them into sequences, arpeggios or just play directly using eight touch-sensitive keys.” The two light sensors between the tape reels give the user theremin-like functionality, while the orange rings around the reels are rotary controllers. Status LEDs line the top of the T-APE. Pre-programmed demo patches will help beginners get started.

Watch the video below for a demo of the built-in example patches.

MMXX T-APE seems to have sold out on PhonicBloom, but will hopefully be available again soon for €69. Head to the site for more info, plus details on how to program sounds from scratch, assign them to keys and arrange them into a sequence.