With options here ranging from $10 to $250, these discreet computer speakers will provide a nice upgrade over the built-in speakers on your laptop.

Looking for an upgrade on your current PC speakers or for something more than the tinny speakers on your laptop or phone? We’ve pulled in speakers from ultra-budget to premium and everything in between, that can sit neatly either side of your montior or laptop.

All of the speakers below are small enough to not be classed as ‘bookshelf speakers’. Don’t let that put you off. Size isn’t everything and some of these speakers pack a serious punch.

Under $10
Logitech S120 Stereo Speakers – $9.99
  • Compatible with most audio devices with a 3.5mm output: Including most Mac and PC computers, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players for wide-ranging use.
  • 2.3W total system power: Provides high-quality audio for your games, music and videos.
  • Built-in power and volume controls: Make operation easy.

Under $20
Logitech Z130 Stereo Speakers – $19.99
  • 5 watts total system power: Provides quality sound for games, music and videos.
  • Compatible with most laptops: For rich stereo sound.
  • Integrated volume and power controls: For easy operation.
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input and headphone output: For simple input/output connections.

Under $50
Creative T15 Wireless – $44.99
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices: For use with your computer, smartphone or MP3 player.
  • 10W RMS system power: Provides quality acoustics for your games, music and movies. Dedicated tweeters deliver clear sound at high frequencies.
  • BasXPort technology: Delivers rich low-end sound.
  • Control speaker: Allows you to make volume and tone adjustments.
  • Auxiliary (line-in) input and a dedicated headphone output: For simple connectivity.

Under $100
Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speaker System – $99
  • TrueSpace stereo digital signal processing circuitry: Reproduces wide, natural sound from only 2 speakers, bringing more life to music, games, video and streaming media.
  • Dual inputs: Allow connection to your computer and an additional compatible audio device. Headphone jack enables private listening.
  • Volume control: Lets you customize the sound to suit your preferences.
  • Sleek, elegant design: Complements your existing computer.

Under $200
Razer Nommo Chroma – $131.16
  • Compatible with most audio devices with a 3.5mm output: Including most Mac and PC computers, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players for wide-ranging use.
  • 50Hz – 20kHz frequency response: Ensures accurate sound reproduction.
  • Volume and bass selector controls: Let you adjust the settings for customized use.
  • 3″ woven fiberglass full-range driver: Delivers high and low tones.

Under $300
Bose Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System – $249
  • 2 speakers: With an advanced port design and drivers for powerful low-note performance.
  • TrueSpace® stereo digital processing circuitry: Along with integrated signal processing helps ensure lifelike audio.
  • Active electronic equalization: Ensures balanced low, midrange and high frequencies for full, natural sound.
  • Compatible with most desktops, laptops and tablets: For wide-ranging connection options.
  • Control pod: Features a rotational volume control and a single-touch mute so you can change the volume level to suit your needs. Headphone jack and audio input let you connect your headphones or an audio device.
  • Compact design: Offers a stylish appearance to complement your décor.