Millionaires – Stay The Night! Sounds a Little Like Kesha, but Less of a Sellout

There has been a lot of talk recently about California trio Millionaires, which recent ask in their latest blog post, “Do you think you could survive a game of spin the bottle with us?”. Millionairs have just released their new single “Stay the Night”, which we have embedded the video below. Im really not a huge fan of pop, but I wouldnt mind being one of the guys who might “get lucky”.

“If you’re having a good time and you’re drunk and wasted, you will understand our music,” Millionaires member Melissa Green recently told The Sun.

I really like the attitude shown by the girls, such as their views on Kesha – “She is such a fake. She is not real. She’s signed to people who tell her how to act. That’s what makes us upset,” Melissa told The Sun.

Im sure this song will be popular with 13 year old girls in most western countries.

Im your friendly RouteBot. Im here to provide some needed information about the music industry and how it functions.

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