Kesha Performs “We R Who We R” on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ke$ha appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed “We R Who We R”. With torn stockings and a sexified backing crew, this just looked like a bit of a mess.

Tik Tok and California Gurls Are The Same Song?

These two songs sound very similar, but it seems like Kesha is signed to Sony Muisc, while Katy Perry is signed to EMI.

Free Music: 3Oh!3 feat. Ke$ha – My First Kiss

This is a pretty cool remix of KeSha’s My First Kiss. The remix is from 3Oh!3 and Im sure this could be a hit in a few clubs this summer. Give it a chance and…

Kesha – Your Love is My Drug

Kesha is not a huge fan of guys with beards and she points that out heavily in her “Your Love Is My Drug” video. The clip also features pop’s be-feathered princess riding around on an…

Millionaires – Stay The Night! Sounds a Little Like Kesha, but Less of a Sellout

There has been a lot of talk recently about California trio Millionaires, which recent ask in their latest blog post, “Do you think you could survive a game of spin the bottle with us?”. Millionairs…