London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris… Where do you think the most people are listening to Spotify? It might not be where you expect as streaming in Mexico booms.

In 2013 Mexico City became Spotify‘s first-ever Latin American Market. In the 5 years Chilangos (residents of Mexico City) have been streaming music on Spotify they’ve been loving it so much that there are now more listeners there than anywhere else in the world.

The multicultural city’s metropolitan area has a bigger population than both Los Angeles and New York with almost 22 million people in the city. Chilangos love streaming music and it’s opened the international music community up to the potential of Mexico’s capital city as artists like Adele, Diplo, Metallica, Radiohead, New Order, and many more get streamed *loads* in the region.

This has breathed a new life of culture into the city, as artists are seeing their music blow up there it has become a new hot destination for concerts and audience connections. Spotify highlight this trend in the recent Corona Capital music festival whose headliners ranked number 1 in listens for Mexico City. This included Imagine Dragons (995,940 monthly listeners), Robbie Williams (322,851 monthly listeners), The Chemical Brothers (117,190 monthly listeners), and Nine Inch Nails (75,142 monthly listeners).

Spotify said of Mexico City: “The city has evolved into one of the most sophisticated digital music markets in the last five years – and we don’t see its music magnet slowing down anytime soon.”

Spotify have a playlist of Mexico’s indie scene that you can listen to for the sound of Mexico City: