Melda offer 3 months free subscription to their plugin market

Get over 100 high quality and diverse plugins at no cost for three months with Melda’s new isolation offer.

Melda are plugin makers and they’re great at it. Whether it’s quality sounding instruments or powerful effects modules they are a notorious name for production junkies.

A subscription to Melda gives you access to all of their content straight away and helps you work your way towards purchasing the ones you enjoy the most. With true lockdown spirit Melda want to raise the spirits of self-isolators with 3-months on offer at no cost.

The offer is available until the end of April so don’t waste time and sign up now.

We’re collecting a bunch of the great music software and offers that will help to keep us all creative and happy whilst we wait out the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s regularly updated and you can check that out here.

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    Here’s a personal 20% OFF Coupon for your first Melda purchase: MELDA3989356
    Also make sure to subscribe to their Newsletter first, which give another $10 Off.
    The #upgraded Free – Pack is the like 15 Bucks instead of 25… #enjoy

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