Cymatics have 1000s of free samples, presets & MIDIs on offer

Cymatics have packs for every kind of producer and what they’re offering for free is enough to keep you going through any lockdown.

Cymatics are a brilliant marketplace for music production fuel with packs spanning all kinds of content and genres. They offer loads of great premium content that you can buy but amazingly there are LOADS of packs you can download for free.

Genres covering Hip-Hop, EDM, Dubstep, House, Trap, Future Bass and ‘Guitars’ are on offer in a huge expanse at no cost to yourself. There is weeks if not months worth of content to explore containing MIDI instruments, thousands of samples, and more.

Get your free packs from Cymatics here.

As well as content for you to download and use, Cymatics offer a bunch of free workshops to help you improve your production, build your profile, make money from your music and more. Their workshops cover every possible asset of being an artist from the creative side to the business part.

Check out their free workshops here.

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