MasteringBOX’s Free Android App Lets You Master Tracks Anywhere

MasteringBOX have brought their free mastering tech to Android in a free app that lets you master and perfect your tracks no matter where you are.

MasteringBOX is “the world’s first Mastering App for Android”. It puts the power of their popular mastering website into your hands, literally. Their Android app comes almost a year after their website launched last May and brings a number of improvements to the software.

The Android version of MasteringBOX features an updated mastering engine to enhance sound quality across all styles, thanks to better detection and processing. The app also features all the mastering control of their website so you can fine tune your perfect mix all on your device.

You can control the Loudness of your track, EQ settings and add ID3 Tags and Cover Art directly into your tracks file. Once you’ve finished tuning the track you can put it through the apps mastering software then compare it before and after mastering, all before processing the track or going back and mixing it more.


MasteringBOX is available now for all Android devices running 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher, and is available in English and Spanish. Download it free from the Google Play Store.

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    Why does the recording I am mastering seem to jump after it’s been mastered. There is no jump on the original version plus it doesn’t seem to record it from the beginning?.. Plays back from about a quarter way through.

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