If you’re one of the many lamenting the US election results then you can find some solace in an unlikely source, last year’s supervillain – big pharma boy Martin Shkreli.

Last year the world became familiar with the timid grin of Martin Shkreli when he raised the price of pharmaceutical drug Daraprim by 5000%. The news spread around the world and Shkreli quickly became the world’s martyr for a while, but also ended up a fascinating subject for his unapologetic frivolity, skewed but fair moral barometer, and surprisingly meek demeanour.

When Shkreli bought the only copy of Wu-Tang Clan’s art statement/album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin he ensured his name would be remembered, even if only by salty hip-hop heads. But after Shkreli made a wager that if Trump won he would release a bunch of unreleased music that he owns from Hendrix, Beatles, Nirvana, 2pac and more – including Wu-Tang of course, Shkreli looks to become a beacon of light in what many perceive to be dark times.


Shkreli tweeted out last month that he would release a bunch of his incredibly rare, unreleased music if Trump won the election, expecting him not to. Whilst he may regret it Martin Shkreli is surprisingly a man of his word and has confirmed he’s working out releasing some of his expensive, unreleased music. So far we’ve managed to get some sneak peek listens of Once Upon a Time in Shaolin via a livestream but as Shkreli signed a contract not to release the music he’s going to work out a proper quality release with the Wu.

As for all the other music, including a never before released song from Kurt Cobain, music from Radiohead, the Smiths, Ramones and others we can only hope he’s planning on sharing them too. It’s only been a day since the results so we’ll give him a chance to stick to his word, though considering the cost of all that rare music (he bought Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million) I’d be reluctant too.


Unfortunately at the moment thanks to his reputation Shkreli is waiting to be unbanned from live-streaming services before he releases his music so this is a call to arms YouTube, Twitch, and OkCupid – Trump has won, we need that music for hope!


For now we have to do make do with this massive tease of a snippet: