Revolutionary amp manufacturers Marshall are entering new territory with the launch of their very first record label – Marshall Records.

In the 1960’s Marshall helped to shape the future of music by creating amps that far surpassed the power and capability of amplifiers up to that point. Helping to launch the careers of guitar legends like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Pete Townshend, and many others with it’s unique and powerful sound Jim Marshall cemented his amps in rock history and their legacy lives on today as one of, if not the, world’s most popular amp creators.

Over 50 years and many ventures later Marshall are taking their music expertise into a whole new area of the industry. Marshall have launched Marshall Records, a record label that they hope will “inspire people to make their own music and bring guitar music to music lovers everywhere”. Marshall Records is being led by producer Rob Cass, music industry veteran Steve Tannett, and brand licensing director Grace Pantony.

In their announcement Marshall said:

Marshall is a music brand. It was Jim (Marshall)’s passion for music that was the driver for all he achieved, which is something that we are always conscious of. It is with this ethos that we not only make products that enable guitarists to express themselves artistically, we also produce products for listening to the music they make.

So, if we make the amplifiers that enable guitarists to make music, and we produce products for their fans and music lovers to listen to their music, then it makes sense that we join those two things together and help bands and musicians record, promote and perform their music. And that is exactly why we have created Marshall Records.

Marshall Records is the next logical step in Marshall’s evolution and is a keystone in the Marshall story. Now, through the Marshall brand, the medium of creation is manufactured, music is made and music is brought to the people.

Marshall Records launch record label bass guitar sound music

Marshall are yet to reveal any artists they have/will be working with on Marshall Records but we will no doubt be hearing what to expect from them soon.

You can read Marshall’s full announcement of Marshall Records here.