Since MTV broke in the 80’s music videos have become a massive part of artist’s careers. Being on a budget shouldn’t stop you making a great video.

First off you want to think about the kind of video you want to make. If you have ideas about what you want for your video then you can look at how to approach that. If you’re totally lost for what your music video will be then look at collaborating with a creative. If you know any filmmakers or artists they could help you realise your potential or look online and ask around. Remember that your video is going to represent you and your music.

Once you have an idea of what you’re going to do it’s time to prepare to make it happen. You will need equipment, primarily a camera if you intend to record footage. A high-quality DSLR is the best choice for a crisp, high definition video and if you’re working with a filmmaker they should have all the goods. If not, you’d be surprised the quality modern iPhones and top-range smartphones can do though you may want to get some accessories to aid in steadying the camera and smoothing motion.

Find a location for shooting. If you’re staying on a budget then the cheapest place of all is the outside world! Fields, quarries, beaches, forests, alleyways – everywhere has potential (but be careful of trespassing, you might want to shoot video quickly if you’re in a restricted area!) . Even your own home could have potential if it has space and fits what you want to do for your video. If you need a specific space look around, search online, and ask people to find the best deal.

Set a date. You need to find a time in which you, and everyone involved, can dedicate the best part of their day without interruption to making the video happen. If certain people can’t show up or you can only do a little bit at a time it’s going to draw out the process, further any costs and in whole impact upon the fluidity of your creative process.

Have fun but don’t lose track. You of course want to have fun with your video, you’re doing something your passionate about and should enjoy it. But at the same time you want to make sure you’re making it happen, it’s less important if no-one’s on a payroll for the event but still – time is money.

Bring it all together. Now it’s all recorded and you’re happy it’s time to turn it into the final product. If you’re fairly skilled with video editing then you can try editing the video into it’s final product alone and get the exact results you want. If you aren’t proficient with software though you should hire someone who really knows what they’re doing for a professional video – it’s worth the money and smaller producers won’t cost too much.

Release it unto the world! Now that the video is finished, the music is matched, and it looks and sounds great – it’s time to unleash it to the people. Take it online with sites like YouTube and Facebook, use it as a promotional piece to send to venues and labels you’re interested in, and revel in your own glory.