We made the West African Black Rhinoceros extinct in 2011 and now our next conquest to wipe from the earth appears to be wired headphones, but there’s a solution.

Apple cause a massive buzz last year when they revealed that their latest iPhone, the iPhone 7, would be ditching the headphone jack. Now as other smartphones and devices are getting rid of the jack input, like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, Podo Labs have jumped onto the scene to save all those wired headphones and speaker inputs.

With ‘Jack’ by Podo Labs you can assure your headphones still work with the latest smartphones as it essentially creates a wireless connection to your headphones. The device is as simple as it’s name, just plug your headphones or speakers into the ‘Jack’ and it will connect you to your device wirelessly. So unfortunately you’re still going to have tangly wires but on the upside you can slot it wherever you want, without having to tuck them into your pocket with your phone.

The ‘Jack’ is currently raising money on Kickstarter before fully launching, which it should have no issue with thanks to raising $677,000 so far with a goal of just $20,000. The Jack adapter is available from the Kickstarter page at 28% off for just $29.



Jack is the only adapter that lets you sync headphones and share music wirelessly with a friend. Sync two Jacks with the push of a button and receive audio from the same Bluetooth source.


Receive audio from any Bluetooth source and play it through your headphones, speakers, car, or other audio player.

Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled phones (any OS), tablets, computers, and watches.


Use Jack to transmit audio to another Jack (or Bluetooth headphones) from a normal aux output, like your TV or in-flight movie screen.

The device is available in white/gold, black/gunmetal, and navy blue/gold. You can nab yourself a ‘Jack’ by Podo Labs from their Kickstarter now with deliveries expected this June.