New rules for the city of Los Angeles will require proof of COVID vaccination before allowing entry to indoor venues, cinemas and restaurants.

From November 4th, proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 will be required before people can enter indoor venues, restaurants, museums and other spaces in LA. There are forthcoming restrictions on outdoor events, too. The move, which is designed to persuade more people to get the vaccine, will affect indoor concerts in the city.

Businesses in Los Angeles city will have to enforce the rules, risking fines for not policing the policy. The penalties would increase in amount with each further breach.

There’s some exemptions, including on religious or medial grounds, which would mean the person in question could use outdoor facilities – and if none are available, a negative coronavirus test will allow them to enter the venue.

Vaccine “passport” rules for events and venues vary between countries. New York has already implemented a similar rule to LA. In the UK meanwhile, proof of vaccination is required to enter large events and nightclubs in Wales and Scotland, but not in England or Northern Ireland.

Also in Los Angeles city from 4th November, attendees of outdoor events with more than a 5,000-person capacity will need to show proof of negative test or vaccination.

The indoor and outdoor requirements will be removed only when Los Angeles ends the emergency declaration put in place during the pandemic.