Loads of great free online resources for Drum teachers

Finding new and creative ways to teach instruments is almost as hard as learning them, but Rivington Music have collected a bunch of brilliant resources to transform your lessons.

Rivington Music recently collated a bunch of websites and resources for drum teachers that provides a mass of new lessons, activities and advice. With resources ranging from free sheet music for drums, to games that can be played with students you can re-enliven your drum lessons and find new avenues for students to explore.

Whilst aimed at drum teachers these websites will also be a great resource for drum students, as that’s who they’re aimed at anyway. Rivington said on their blog: “Great drumming lessons for beginners will not just teach the basics of the skill, but also inspire and empower students to keep at it.”

Here’s one of the video tutorials for teachers so you have an idea of their great teaching assets:

Head to Rivington Music for all of their free drum lesson resources now.

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