Lewitt, the renowned microphone manufacturer, has taken the world of content creation by storm with their latest offering: the CONNECT 2.

Lewitt have unveiled an astonishing new potential for portable and pop up recording. This user-friendly USB-C audio interface is designed to streamline your recording workflow and deliver exceptional audio quality, perfect for musicians, podcasters, and content creators of all levels.

The CONNECT 2 strikes a perfect balance between intuitive design and impressive technical capabilities. Forget complicated menus and endless tweaking. The touch-based interface offers clear visual feedback, allowing you to adjust gain, mute channels, and control monitoring with a simple tap.

But don’t be fooled by its ease of use – the CONNECT 2 packs a serious audio punch. High-quality preamps and pristine audio conversion ensure your recordings capture every nuance of your voice or instrument, delivering professional-grade sound that will leave a lasting impression.

Short on time or new to the recording game? The CONNECT 2 has your back. Featuring Autosetup and Autogain, this audio interface takes the guesswork out of capturing great sound. With a single click, these features analyse your voice or instrument and automatically dial in the optimal settings. This frustration-free approach lets you focus on what matters most – creating!

The CONNECT 2 is a true chameleon, adapting to your specific needs. Whether you’re laying down silky smooth vocals, capturing the roar of your electric guitar, or recording a captivating podcast, this versatile interface has you covered. XLR and Hi-Z inputs can handle microphones, instruments, and line-level sources, while a dedicated loopback channel seamlessly integrates computer audio into your recordings.

LEWITT Introduces Connect 2 USB-C Audio Interface | audioXpress

The CONNECT 2 understands that personalization goes a long way in enhancing your workflow. You can assign individual LED colors to channels for quick identification, and program the Custom button for frequently used actions, creating a recording experience that feels tailored to you.

The CONNECT 2 goes beyond exceptional audio capture. Its compact and bus-powered design makes it the perfect companion for mobile creators. No need for bulky external power supplies – simply plug it into your laptop and start recording anywhere, anytime.

A dedicated headphone output with independent volume control ensures crystal-clear monitoring, allowing you to hear every detail of your recordings with pristine accuracy. The included Control Center software unlocks the full potential of the CONNECT 2, providing extended controls, routing options, and firmware updates to keep your audio interface running at its best.

Lewitt CONNECT 2

The Lewitt CONNECT 2 is a game-changer for creators of all levels. Its intuitive design, studio-grade sound quality, and versatile features empower you to capture professional-sounding audio with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a budding podcaster, the CONNECT 2 is the perfect tool to elevate your content creation journey and take your productions to the next level.