Apple Music unveils Partner Program to empower record labels and distributors with premium data analytics.

Apple Music are bringing more power to labels and distributors with their Partner Program. This program equips record labels and music distributors with a powerful suite of data analytics tools, designed to revolutionise artist discovery, trend analysis, and content insights.

The Apple Music Partner Program looks to data beyond basic streams. It looks to track trends with a direction towards helping boost emerging talent. Apple state their Partner Program offers “more tools to break the next talent, spot emerging trends, and uncover new insights about your content”.

Whilst Apple Music for Artists offers in-depth analytics at an artist level for individuals to track their success, the Partner Program is specifically for managers of multiple artists to view the potential of their artists and manage data easier.

Enhanced analytics promise to provide a broader look at how music is performing. Additionally, number of tools are provided to boost new releases and optimise marketing efforts on Apple Music.

Radio Spins

Monitor more than 40,000 radio stations from over 200 countries and regions with Radio Spins. Access airplay monitoring from around the world to discover what’s spinning when and where, all in one place. Explore spins by market, time of day, station, artist, and song, and create custom airplay reports with the Radio Spins API to understand consumption reach and impact.

Chart Explorer

Browse more than 4500 genre, storefront, and city charts from around the globe by song and album with Chart Explorer. With near real-time data, and chart depths up to 1500, you can spot the next hit before it breaks into the top 200. And with Apple Music historical charts, you can track and celebrate milestones with your artists and their fans.

Apple Music Atlas

Put a global music catalogue at your fingertips with Music Atlas. Browse more than 100 million recordings and 35 million albums from over 15 million artists. With Music Atlas, you can quickly visualize the relationships among recordings, performers, and works. You can also browse recording credits and discographies to help make more informed decisions, like never before.

Measure your campaigns

Campaign links take the user to your content in Apple Music and allow you to measure the performance of each of your marketing channels. Get the numbers on how many listeners discover an artist or re-engage as a result of your campaign. Measure the impact of digital marketing and perfect your strategy. And you can do it all without compromising user privacy.

Real time insights

Instantly understand the impact of your promotional efforts and adjust your release strategies within hours, not days. With the Real-Time API, you can monitor and report real-time listener counts for every song in your catalogue. Whether your marketing is radio, social media, or other avenues, you can quickly pivot if your efforts don’t resonate, or double down if they do.

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