LEGO VIDIYO is a new AR music video maker for kids

Image Credit: LEGO

Designed for children aged 7 to 10, the VIDIYO app will combine music with augmented reality LEGO figures and BeatBits that unlock special effects.

LEGO VIDIYO is an app from LEGO that encourages children to produce and star in their own music videos, alongside AR elements. BeatBits are 2×2 LEGO tiles, that when scanned will unlock visual and audio effects, props, and dance moved. The music that will soundtrack the music video comes from Universal Music Group’s roster.

Image Credit: LEGO

Simply choose a song, scan the figure and BeatBits to add effects, record your 60-second video featuring yourself with the AR characters and effects, design an abum cover, and save the video locally or share to the moderated, kid-safe social feed. LEGO will block any videos on the feed that show a kid’s face.

The free app is due to launch on iOS and Android on the 16th February.

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