EarProg is the self-titled “ultimate ear training app” that unlocks new powers for music within you.

Some musicians disregard music theory and make it work, but anyone can benefit from enhancing their knowledge of how music works. EarProg is an app that teaches you the science behind chord progressions so that anything is possible at your musical fingertips.

As they say themselves: “Being able to identify chord progressions is the closest thing to having superpowers.” EarProg trains your skills in identifying over 60 different chord progressions by playing you a random progression and testing your ability to identify it.

It’s not like some musical apps which score you on your progress, which can often feel like a competition rather than a learning experience. The devs say: “Ear training is not a competition. That’s why no scoring is used in this app. Simply open the app and practice at your own pace, without pressure, for as long as you want. Mastering ear training is a gradual work. We’re musicians, not Superbowl players!!”

EarProg is available now on iOS devices from the Apple App Store for £0.99/$0.99.