With the first half of 2023 out of the way, revenues in Latin Music are set to reach their highest yet.

Latin Music is set to cross $1 billion in US recorded music revenues for the second year in a row. The RIAA have revealed their H1 Latin Music recorded music revenues, showing a record high of $627 million generated in the first half of the year.

Latin Music has been going from strength to strength in recent years, representing the fastest growing area of music in 2021. In that year, Latin Music had generated $407 million in the US market in the first half of the year, showing incredible growth since then.

The RIAA have begun including revenues from social revenues such as Facebook, TikTok and YouTube. It seems like the incredible 15% growth in the first half of the year isn’t down to extra stats though, as streaming still made up 98% of their revenues.

Latin Music made a total of $1.1 billion in US revenues last year, crossing the billion threshold for the first time since 2005. With a massive increase on first half revenues for 2022, Latin Music is set to top that even further at the end of 2023.

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