Increase your audience and build your live hype by doing this one simple thing.

Gigs are one of the most magical parts of being in the music world, whether you’re the performer or the fan in the crowd. It’s a moment of intense energy shared by a group of people all their for the same reason, to watch and listen to music that they love.

Whether you’re looking to increase the presence at your gigs or you want to bring more people along for the ride when they can’t come, this simple method will take your live concerts to the next level.

It’s time to take the audience with you, taking videos of your gigs. It doesn’t have to be an immaculate, multi-camera recording of the whole set. You can even just take one or two short snippets in vertical view to use on YouTube Shorts.

It’s a fantastic source of promotion because it shows your music at its greatest, when its being loved by your audience. It creates hype for your future shows, increasing ticket sales from people who want to be there too, and it boosts your connection with your fans, as it means that even if they can’t make it to the show they get to enjoy it with you still.

YouTube have revealed that 82% of people say they have posted video content online in the last 12 months. In their own words: “Every cultural moment is now an opportunity to connect and participate even you aren’t physically there, making for a multitude of experiences and interactions well beyond the limitations of a few hour in-person event.”

So ask your friend, the venue manager, even a fan in the front row, to get some footage and share it with the world. There’s always a chance to boost your visibility with content, and there’s little better than gigs and tour footage.

Increase the exposure, by making something of it for people at home to get involved with. Do a dance challenge that you perform live and your fans have to recreate in their own Shorts and TikToks. Wear a striking outfit and see how well your audience can recreate it at the gig and at home.

Be creative and most importantly, share!

Make your music available for use in videos on platforms like TikTok and Instagram through RouteNote. It’s free to sign up and add your music. Then, every time your music is used in video content you’ll get paid.

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