LANDR’s new Creator tool expands their already-huge set of resources for artists to use in their creations to near unlimited potential.

LANDR have just launched the beta of their new beat maker Creator. It uses their database of over a million samples in their ‘LANDR Samples’ library to open up new possibilities in beatmaking.

It makes exploring their huge sample library even easier by allowing you to quickly see if they work together – automatically editing them so that you can hear what they sound like aligned rather than comparing their discordant raw files.

It matches sounds to your key and BPM so that they can be immediately harnessed in your workflow and then you can add more samples into the mix to match them up. Download the samples once they’re sounding how you like and they’ll be in the perfect position to go straight into your track.

It’s as simple as this:

  1. Log in to LANDR Samples
  2. Add up to 8 samples to Creator
  3. Press play and Creator will match your sounds to your key and BPM
  4. Close Creator and add more samples as you go
  5. Change your key and BPM anytime
  6. Download your samples time-stretched and pitch-shifted

LANDR Samples is available for just $5.99 a month and unlocks their entire library with over a million sounds. With this great new tool making it simple to get samples working together, it’s a subscription with almost unlimited creative potential.

LANDR CEO, Pascal Pilon says: “Our goal with any new feature is to help producers do what they are best at, make creative decisions. The addition of Creator to the samples platform streamlines sound selection for pros and helps aspiring artists to quickly sketch ideas for a track without having to download and manipulate individual sounds.”

Check out some of the sounds or sign up here.