Making music since childhood and honing his talents, Alson is now being picked up by some of the biggest electronic music channels on YouTube.

Alson recently spoke to me about how life is going for the producer in a changed world with festivals and gigs off the billing for a year. Whilst there are drawbacks, the Netherlands native is staying positive at his current home in Spain with the backing of some of the world’s biggest EDM lovers behind him and the chance to work on new material.

Alson has been making music from a young age, bonding with his dad over Magix music maker “I think it was… haha”. Then at age 10, with the download of FL Studio, what would became a lifelong passion began in making music.

“Around 16 years ago I downloaded FL Studio and was playing around with my friends in the neighbourhood. We changed from playing games to making beats. It was basically just sampling kicks and distorting them. In the Netherlands, harder genres of electronic music were popular and inspired us to make rough sounds.”

Since then the creativity has been flowing through Alson’s veins, through his teens and into adulthood, honing his skills with each production and year that passed. Today he’s already accomplished a lot with his music, playing at Ibiza multiple times with a discography of music available online.

About a year ago he decided to hang up his House music hat for a while and has been experimenting with ‘Future Bass’ish music’. He says: “Future Bass inspires me a lot, because I feel there’s more freedom – more tempo possibilities and room to experiment as a producer.”

That’s not all that’s changed for Alson in the last year. He released his first track with Trap Nation last year and has forged a strong connection with the music channel renowned around the world for finding and promoting brilliant electronic music.

“I am greatly appreciative to Trap Nation, they’re the first big channel that promoted my music. It’s important to make a first big step as an artist, it’s not easy but that makes it feel even better.

“You have to work hard and, of course, have a little luck at the same time, because you are always a little dependent as a smaller artist. They kept signing more music after which resulted in releasing my 4-track EP ‘Enemies‘.”

With the support and love of Trap Nation and Lowly Palace behind him it seems like things are just getting started for the already experienced music producer. This year would have seen Alson return to Ibiza for live shows but of course the world has changed recently with Coronavirus. Whilst disappointed with his gig cancellations, Alson is staying positive and using the time to create and take a step back.

“I think for the environment and the nature maybe the COVID-19 period was necessary and I hope that we can learn from this in whichever way possible. Appreciate what we have and enjoy the things around you.

“Travelling is fun but it’s more important to be healthy and sometimes just do basic stuff. I have been reading things that I’d never thought I would read before in my life and the whole period made a positive impact/change in my life I think in the end.”

Hopefully we’ll see even more golden tracks coming from producers, as a positive result of the global situation at the moment. We certainly can’t wait to hear more from Alson.

We’ll leave you with some words of advice from the man himself on creating and finding the inspiration to write music:

I think the best way of starting is being in a replaced mode but at the same time work in a chaotic way – try different concepts of songs and pick the best idea. When you like it the next day (and your producer friends confirm it) you know it could have potential.”

Check out Alson: