US headphone manufacturer Koss files lawsuits against some of the leading brands in audio for allegedly violating patents of their wireless headphone technology.

Koss say they alerted Apple in 2017 before filing the lawsuits. They are asking the court for money, rather than blocking sales. Koss are asking for three times the damages determinded by the court.

The claim specially mentions AirPods, Bose 700 and other companies for copying Koss’s Striva line of wifi audio gear they were working on in the early 2000s.

Koss have chosen to focus their claims on some of the most successful audio brands today, rather than companies that were first to wireless audio, such as Bragi Dash that debuted their truly wireless earbuds in 2014, two years before AirPods were announced.

A recent explosion in good wireless audio solutions is down to the technology becoming small and cheap enough for average consumers. This is simply Moore’s law. Koss will need to prove that these five companies’ success is due technology stolen from them and not just an advancement in computing.