Bragi Dash

Tech startup company Bragi showcased their new pair of ‘Dash’ wireless headphones to the world earlier last year. Smashing through their Kickstarter target of $260,000 with over $3,000,000 in pledges, CES saw the companies developments in the past year.

Wireless – ‘Dash’ are a pair of sleek bluetooth in-ear headphones directed at the fitness type for tangle free workouts. They don’t even need to be paired to a phone, with 4GB of internal memory, holding around 1000 tracks.
Track Performance – A tiny processor and 15 sensors help track your distance, speed, steps, cadence, pace, time, rotation, G-force, turns, airtime, heart rate, heart rate variability, oxygen saturation, body temperature and calories burned all within the free app for an in-depth look at your performance. With an open system, this allows third-party manufacturers to develop their own apps for The Dash headphones.
Secure Fit – A secure fit should ensure these headphones won’t fall out during the most intense sports. The included leash will ensure they stay close.
Design – These headphones are sealed tight for water resistance. Choose from three sizes to best suite you ear. Easy and intuitive tap and slide controls allow you to play, pause, skip, etc. through music on the go.
Noise Cancellation – Cut out the humming of the aeroplane engine. With a built in microphone, the noise cancellation should also help cut out ambient noise when taking calls.
Audio Transparency – If you’re on your bike you can always turn the noise cancellation off, when needing to listen out for that car over taking you.
Charging Case – The Dash headphones come with a convenient charging case. Chuck in the earbuds and get up to 5 charges from the battery.

Bragi are taking pre-orders now for black or white models at $299.