Image Credit: K-Devices

K-Devices TATAT offers an abundance of creative inspiration, all based on mood.

And we don’t mean your mood. More specifically, TATAT by K-Devices will create a never-ending stream of notes and sequences based on the “mood” that you dial in!

K-Devices TATAT

TATAT by K-Devices is a creative plugin designed to provide you with inspiration as to where your melodies and chords can go. By playing with the parameters in the plugin, you can expect an endless stream of sequences that always change.

K-Devices state that the plugin has 3 main purposes: “to create always-changing sequences, to quickly sketch and store music ideas, and to add unexpected events to fixed patterns.”

The settings on TATAT by K-Devices allows users to create always-changing sequences, quickly sketch and store music ideas, and add unexpected events to fixed patterns.
Image Credit: K-Devices

A set of settings labelled as the “mood” determines how TATAT will behave. More specifically, layer and combine a total of three different time signatures for polyrhythmic patterns!

And you can define probabilities for four different notes in the Pitch section, and you can randomize the notes themselves too.

The Bichords section determines the chance of TATAT’s internal engine triggering particular intervals too. Then the Process section allows you to experiment with MIDI velocities, note lengths, and delays – all with randomisation too.

As a result, you’ll get a sequence of notes based on musical parameters you have defined.

The UI of TATAT by K-Devices is customizable,  available in dark or light themes.
Image Credit: K-Devices

From here, you can freeze the buffer content as a static pattern, and then mix between that and the live stream. And the export feature is as simple as can be: Simply export as many variations as you like by dragging and dropping them to tracks, clip slots, or folders in your favorite DAW software.

Once you have a “mood” you like, you can:

  • enjoy the always-changing stream of notes
  • enable “thru” to add the generative stream of notes to the top of a fixed MIDI clip/file or a live MIDI input
  • inject stability by using LIV/MEM horizontal slider which mixes between the live generated stream and a frozen pattern
  • Drag and drop the sequence to tracks, clip slots, or folders in your DAW

Price and compatibility

TATAT is already available as a Max For Live Device, but it’s now available to all DAW users for an introductory price of $19 until July 30th when the price will rise to $19.

Available in VST3 and AU formats, TATAT is combatible with macOS (including M1 support) and Windows.

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