JioSaavn are raking in the music streamers having quadrupled their paying subscribers since the start of 2019 and a brand new rewards system.

JioSaavn is a hit in India where they claim to have become “the largest streaming service for South Asian music and audio entertainment”. Whilst straying from revealing actual figures, they’ve shared how their paying user-base has grown by four times since early last year.

Increasing awareness has of course played a large part in their growth but JioSaavn also point to last years beta of their Pro Rewards as a boost to their growth. Pro Rewards offers their Pro subscribers a bunch of extras from other business like yoga classes from Live At Home Yoga, nutrition and fitness advice with HealthifyMe, consultancy with doctors and specialists and lots more.

It’s an interesting choice to select a bunch of lifestyle and wellness companies to provide benefits to a music streaming service but it seems to be working for them. They claim that Pro Rewards “is a first for the music streaming industry, marking a characteristically bold move that pushes the boundaries on what is expected of a music streaming platform”.

JioSaavn’s Vice President of Consumer Revenue, Mihir Shah says: “The growth of our subscriber base year-over-year is driven by our relentless focus on improving the value proposition of our paid subscription product.

“We want a JioSaavn Pro subscription to add more value to our users’ lives beyond just ad-free and offline listening, which is the industry standard for music streaming subscriptions. We are uniquely positioned to provide a 360 degree experience that merges lifestyle and music for our users globally. At the same time, we can spotlight and support modern businesses through an economically challenging year.”

Pro Rewards has now launched in full for JioSaavn Pro subscribers.