Amazon Prime Day’s JBL sale can get you a pair of headphones for under $15

Prime Day currently have discounted JBL on-ear, over-ear and headphones for kids, plus a portable speaker with $125 off the regular price.

JBL announce a new soundbar, Bluetooth speaker, headphones and earbuds

Included in JBL’s new line-up being released between March and May are Bar 5.0 MultiBeam soundbar, Charge 5 bluetooth speaker, and TUNE, Reflect, LIVE and Tour wireless earbuds and on/over-ear headphones.

These will be 2020’s best earbuds revealed at CES

Wireless earbuds have become massive and this year we will see a lot more competition to Apple AirPod’s for the best TWS earbuds available. Since Apple launched AirPods, True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds have become…

JBL’s colourful, $100 take on AirPods

Apple are getting more competition every day as JBL announce their cheaper alternative to AirPods coming this year. JBL’s new TUNE 220TWS earbuds may have a less catchy name but they’re taking on the market…

JBL’s new CLUB cans find the balance between top headphones and studio monitors

JBL are looking to connect the line between the quality of studio monitors and general listening headphones with their CLUB series. JBL have revealed a new series of headphones that look to up the game…

JBL’s solar powered headphones keep you charged all the time

JBL wish to free you from the worry of cutting your wireless listening short with headphones that charge on the go. JBL are currently crowdfunding a potential game-changer in wireless headphones. Their ‘Reflect Eternal’ headphones…

The BEST deals on premium headphones this Black Friday

There’s no better time to upgrade your headphones for the best possible listening experience than this week. We’ve collected the best Black Friday deals around so you get the best cans at the best price….