Image Credit: iZotope

iZotope has announced a sale on its audio clean up software, RX 10.

For a short period of time, you can get iZotope’s RX 10 software for up to 78% off. RX is designed to clean and remove any unwanted artefacts from an audio signal, including hum, hiss, clicks, distortion, and unwanted reverb. Furthermore, RX 10 offers a “Music Rebalance” feature which allows you to adjust the levels of specific channels in a mix.

For a limited time, you can get RX 10 Elements, RX 10 Standard, and RX 10 Advanced for a great price.

RX 10 Elements – $29

RX 10 Elements is designed to address the needs of content creators and independent artists producing music in their home studios. RX Elements is a budget-friendly noise reduction and audio repair toolkit. The AI Repair Assistant streamlines the same tools used in professional studios to correct common audio issues.

You can get RX Elements for $29 down from $129.

RX 10 Standard – $199

RX 10 Standard offers every tool to clean up your audio in music and post-production applications. In fact, RX 10 standard can remove noise from a signal automatically using the AI-powered Repair Assistant. In addition, you can get surgical with your signal and rebalance stereo mixes with Music Rebalance. All in all, RX 10 Standard is a first-aid kit for your audio.

You can get RX Standard for $199 down from $399.

RX 10 Advanced – $799

Finally, RX 10 Advanced is an award-winning bit of software. It’s the most feature-packed audio repair kit available and it’s used in professional post-production studios everywhere to prepare recorded audio for commercial release. iZotope states you can “navigate by speech, re-synthesize missing features, and music more with multichannel support (up to 10 channels)”.

You can get RX 10 Advanced for $799 down from $1,199.

RX Post Production Suite

As noted by iZotope, “RX Post Production Suite 7 gives you all the tools you need to improve and repair noisy recordings, edit dialogue and mix audio. Bring stories to life with groundbreaking software solutions – RX 10 Advanced, Dialogue Match, Insight 2, Symphony 3D and Stratus 3D reverbs by Exponential Audio and more. Includes the new Audiolens referencing app”.

You can get RX Post Production Suite for $999 down from $1,999.

iZotope Everything Bundle

Get iZotope’s full arsenal of plug-ins and equip yourself with all the tools you need to create, mix, master, and repair. Includes Music Production Suite 5, RX Post Production Suite 7, and more.

You can get iZotope’s Everything Bundle for $1,199 down from $2,499.


Upgrades and crossgrades are available at additional savings to owners of selected iZotope products during the promotion, and the offer is available on the Plugin Boutique website and the iZotope store until May 2nd, 2023.

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