As indie rock duo ‘Rews’ UK Tour comes to an end, the band has managed impress the nation with their outstanding shows across the nation. The Irish female duo are set for a rocketing future if they carry on in this vein, with such talent and on-stage presence I can’t see anything but up for this rocking pair.

I was lucky enough to catch ‘Rews’ playing on Saturday night at ‘The Junction’ in Plymouth, Not having heard of the duo yet, I watched them dance around like crazy to the support bands thinking to myself what an interesting pair they were. But it was not until they walked up onto the stage that I realised that this rather exciting pair was about to control the room with their unique and electrifying sound. As soon as they started playing the whole bar had their eyes set on this exciting duo, Rews were supported by ‘Nova Grey’, a four piece rock band from devon and ‘Hypophora’,  a local Cornish band, who really got the stage set for ‘Rews’ with their atmospheric set.

I asked members of a few members of the audience for a brief review on their night watching ‘Rews’, lead singer of supporting band ‘Hypophora’ said: “The drummer’s hard-hitting style could be likened to that of Dave Grohl and the catchy, poppy vocals were an amazing counterpart to the powerful attitude-filled riffs.”

I also bumped into session musician Will Eason who quoted: “Simple but elegant. The rews didn’t only electrify the audience with the intense riffing but also captivated us with their performance. A unique experience and insane to watch.”

‘Rews’ are a two piece indie rock duo made up of Shauna on lead vocals, guitar and piano and Colette banging out the rhythm on drums and vocals. Their unique all female indie sound is punchy and powerful and you can really hear this in their single ‘Death Yawn’, with an electronic feel but yet raw and rocky.

With a recent signing to Marshall Records things are heading up and onwards for ‘Rews’ and hopefully the Southwest will see them again, I know I’ll be there.