After Soulja Boy and Chris Brown never ended in the ring 2017 has moved onto it’s next rap beef, Nicki Minaj against Remy Ma and this time Apple Music are getting involved.

Remy Ma and competitive beef go together like ham and cheese, and the female rappers most recent call out has been aimed at booty-famous Nicki Minaj. You can see a history of their beef and all the in’s and out’s of who’s a “bitch” and why here, but the development we find most intriguing is Apple Music’s take on it all.

On Saturday night Apple Music’s official Twitter shared Remy Ma’s recent release ‘Shether’, in which Ma takes shots at Nicki over the beat from ‘Ether’, Nas’ infamous diss track aimed at Jay Z. Sharing the track alone might suggest support for Remy Ma, but could easily have been seen as ambiguous promotion if not for their caption…

It’s such an unusual tweet because it shows a service, which 99.9/100 times remain neutral, taking a side between artists. However it may not quite as unusual a stance considering that Nicki Minaj owns shares of Tidal, Jay Z’s music streaming service and one Apple Music’s primary competitors.

Twitter responded accordingly to the flames: