Indoor music venues to re-open this Saturday in the UK

After months and months of uncertainty, concerts are returning to the UK although social distancing will be enforced and some worry it may not be enough to save the industry.

The UK government have announced their next steps in easing lockdown rules, including the return of music concerts and theatre shows. Whilst there will be strong enforcement of distancing measures it’s a positive green light for an industry that just this last week put on red lights to warn of the dangers facing them with no clear message of support or future business.

Audiences will be able to return to indoor music venues starting tomorrow, August 15th. There will be strict social distancing measures in place which will also require venues to limit capacity and enforcement of mask wearing. With the latest announcements of lockdown measures easing, PM Boris Johnson has raised the fine for those refusing to wear masks to a maximum of up to £3,200.

Rising star Sam Fender marked the UK’s first large socially distanced gig in the UK this Tuesday since concerts were restricted under Lockdown in March. Sporting events will also be allowing socially distanced crowds to return this weekend starting with the World Snooker Championship. Nightclubs will remain closed until further notice.

The UK government have also pledged £1.57 billion to the countries’ cultural and heritage industries though there is some concern as to how that will be split. Many freelancers involved in the live industry may still be in a tough position and with reduced capacity enforced, it may not be viable for some smaller venues to return.

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