Whilst the UK are re-introducing many parts of the economy that were shutdown by COVID, the events industry is set to be the last and faces severe damage.

Restaurants are back open, hairdressers are back, even the pubs are open for a pint with certain distancing rules. But it is still completely uncertain how long it will be until concerts of live music return.

It’s an understandable restriction, as anyone who has been to a well attended gig whether it’s in a bustling pub or a packed arena knows how crowded and close-knit they are. But without live events, artists and venues are suffering and they need support.

Hundreds of venues across the UK are turning their lights red to signal to the government that they need real support and clarity or else they may be forced to shutdown. With government support set to end soon, artists and businesses are at a loss with what will happen to them as there is no sign when they will be allowed to return amongst the chaotic shutdowns and re-openings caused by Coronavirus.

The government has committed £1.57 billion to support “cultural and heritage industries” but many involved in the live industry are omitted from the pledge. Many freelancers as well as others involved in the live industry but not necessarily directly through a business are worried about their livelihoods.

Organisers of the Red Alert campaign say: “Unlike other industries; events, festivals, and performances have been unable to safely reopen due to social distancing guidance, and may not reopen until early 2021. With no government support on the horizon for the event supply chain, redundancies have already begun.

“Research indicates that 25% of companies will have served redundancy notices by end of August, this rises to 70% percent by the end of December.”