Image Credit: Audio Plugin Deals

Based on the organ pedal-style Moog Taurus series synthesizers, Syntronik’s Bully is currently free on Audio Plugin Deals.

Syntronik Instruments Bully from IK Multimedia recreates the thunderous bass sounds of the Moog Taurus series, the first version of which was an instant classic in the mid-70s. The plugin emulates the distinctive oscillator detuning, unique-sounding sawtooth waveforms, and slow-sweeping low pass filter with little or no resonance. Famous users of the Moog Taurus include Rush, Yes, Genesis, U2 and The Police.

Bully is an expansion sound library of IK Multimedia’s free Syntronik virtual instrument platform. The plugin accurately samples the original instrument, while you can get creative with modulation, filters and built-in effects. The download is loaded with over 1GB of content, over 1,000 samples and 100 instruments.

Image Credit: IK Multimedia

Normally $40, Syntronik’s Bully is free on Audio Plugin Deals until the end of September 2021. Head here to download, then sign up for an IK Multimedia user account to register and activate your free product.