With fan links from PUSH.fm, you can link fans to all of your social profiles with one simple URL. Better yet, they’re free!

Designed for artists linking to their music on stores, PUSH.fm is totally customizable making fan links easy and flexible for all use cases.

  1. Add some text, any URL and a picture.
  2. Choose from a range of stores, streaming services and social pages, or add custom links with custom logos to anywhere. Change the button text to suit the site (Subscribe, Follow, Like, etc.)
  3. Launch you campaign. Get sharing your new link on social media. Link it in the bio.
  4. Follow you stats. PUSH.fm provide you with in-depth stats on clicks, conversions, success rate, hourly engagement insight and top service providers.

You can create a beautiful landing page like the example below, in just five minutes.

Tobu Fan Link

Create 30 Fan Link Campaigns, 1 Pre-save Campaign, and 10 Content Unlocks totally free of charge. Upgrade to Premium to get unlimited for just £4.99/month.

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