How to set up a Content Unlock on – A step-by-step guide

Content Unlocks are a great way for you to engage with your fans like never before. Offer free downloads, wallpapers, secret links, event tickets, coupon codes, merch and more, in exchange for social actions.

With, it’s easy and free to set up your first Content Unlock with a few clicks, customise to your heart’s content and watch your statistics grow as your audience flood in.

Create your account

Start by heading over to and register/login.

Create a new campaign
Content Unlocks - step 1

Click the plus icon in the top left of your dashboard and go to ‘Content Unlock’.

Choose Unlock Type

Choose between ‘Unlock downloadable files’ or Unlock a secret message’ and hit ‘Next Step’ in the bottom right corner. For this example we will be choosing to unlock an audio file.

Upload Files
Content Unlocks - step 3

Upload your files, as many as you like within your data limit.

Basic Details
Content Unlocks - step 4

Fill in the details. A title, description, URL and image can be added here. Keep an eye on the preview to the right.

Select Social Actions

Fill in all of the social actions you want. Here I’ve added various actions on Spotify, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Actions on Apple Music and Deezer are also available. The more you add, the more options you give your audience. Drag and drop your action to have them appear in a desired order.

Setting your required social actions

The slider allows you to alter how many actions are required to gain access to the download. Keep in mind not everyone has Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music accounts. You can make one or more of the actions a requirement to continue. Here I’ve chosen ‘Subscribe on YouTube’.

Review & Launch
Content Unlocks - step 7

Give your campaign a title and hit launch.

Manage Content Unlocks

Your dashboard will now show your newly created Content Unlock and statistics. Click the link to give it a test.

Preview & Test

Make sure all the social accounts and links direct to where they’re supposed to.

You’re done! You’ve just created your first Content Unlock. What’s more, you can create 10 of them totally free. If you want more, sign up to Premium for just £4.99/month and get the following: Pricing

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