How to sell your ringtones online

We can distribute your music to all of the world’s favourite music streaming services and download stores online so that you can reach fans from every corner of the globe – all for free! 

Unfortunately though, we don’t sell your ringtones online for you. But whilst we help you get your music online everywhere else, we want you to be able to sell your ringtones as well. Fortunately there is a site that can do just that for you, sending your ringtones to iTunes and Android totally free so that people around the world can jazz up their phones with your custom tunes every time they get a call.

SnipSell are the best ringtone distributors that we’ve heard about, offering free ringtone distribution to iTunes and It’s simple: You upload your snippet to them, they send it off to their partnered ringtone stores, and then you get paid each month. It’s as simple as streaming your music on Spotify with RouteNote.

SnipSell offer 3 different options for selling your ringtones online:

Beginner: Sell your ringtones free and keep 55% of your revenue.

Independent: Keep 80% of your revenues for $20 per ringtone annually.

Reseller: Keep 90% of the money you make for $35 per ringtone annually.

You can find out more and start selling your ringtones online at SnipSell.

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    This isn’t true. SnipSell reject all the applications for the free beginner plan and try to get you to purchase their payed plans. They refuse to let you use their free plan as many others have complained too.

    Stay away from SnipSell. Try them if you wish but you’ll only get rejected and lose time.

    True. They reject them outright if they fear copyright issues or they try to have you buy the non-free version of their service. I must admit i did make some money for a few months when one of my accepted ringtones had pop culture relevance. But your better off else where. Set up your own account with a company like dashgo.

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