Apple’s iPhone launch event sees two brand new iPhones and the final nail in the coffin for headphone jacks on Apple devices.

Yesterday was Apple’s famous, annual iPhone launch event where each year we all get to see what the latest iteration of their renowned smartphones will feature. The highlight of the event saw the reveal of two new iPhones that update their popular iPhone X coming later this year.

First up the iPhone XS which will come in two models, the Max version being the biggest display ever on an iPhone. The XS boldly boast “the smartest, most powerful chip in a smartphone” which powers a super retina display delivering true colour in crisp HDR with true blacks. The iPhone X has a glass back which enables wireless charging that is faster than it’s predecessor, the iPhone X.

The iPhone XS uses advanced face ID to recognise you and secure your phone. You just have to look at your phone to unlock it, log in to apps, and even pay for things with it’s ability to scan and recognise your face faster than ever. Everything in the iPhone XS is the best possible version of itself from the X.


The iPhone XR offers a slightly larger screen than the XS, but slightly smaller than the XS Max, but in lower quality. The XR’s features are mostly a watered down version of the XS allowing it to go for a cheaper price. The screen is the main draw of the XR with a Liquid Retina, the “most advanced LCD in the industry” which stretches into the corners making edges a thing of the past.

The iPhone XR will be available for pre-order on October 19th and will release on October 26th. The iPhone XS can be pre-ordered from the 14th of September and will be available in shops on September 21st.

You can find out more about the iPhone XS and iPhone XR on the Apple website as well as all their upcoming products like their new Beats headphones and the updates to Apple Music.