How to move your saved music and playlists to Spotify from another streaming service

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If you’re looking to transfer your saved music to another service and doing it by hand would take forever then thankfully their is a simple, free solution.

If you’re a big music lover with lots of playlists and a huge virtual library, then you no doubt want to take that with you if you move streaming services. Unfortunately – but unsurprisingly – the services don’t offer a way of taking your music with you, but fortunately someone does.

Tune My Music is a simple to use and free website that allows you to easily transfer your playlists from one platform to another. It works with a whole bunch of the top services including Amazon Music, TIDAL, SoundCloud, iTunes, Deezer, and of course Spotify.

How to transfer to Spotify:
  1. Make sure you have the music you want to transfer saved in playlists
  2. Head to and click ‘Let’s Start’
  3. Choose the source of your music
  4. You’ll be given a unique way to transfer depending on your service – follow their guide
  5. Once you’ve transferred your music you will find it in a new playlist on your Spotify profile saved to the left hand side of the screen
  6. To save the songs in the playlist to your ‘Liked Songs’ press CTRL+A whilst in the playlist and then right click, select ‘Save to your Liked Songs’

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