Image Credit: Spotify

Perhaps you were unhappy with last year’s Wrapped and feel some anomalies may have skewed the figures. Spotify provide us with four tips to make the most out of your 2021 Wrapped.

Spotify’s 2020 Wrapped was unveiled for all users last month, showing a personalized in-app run down of your music and podcast habits throughout the year. Along with showing your most played artists, songs and playlists, Spotify also shared 3 tips and tricks to make the most our of your stats.

Do you often share your phone with your kids or sleep through soothing playlists and find these these can mess with your end of year round-up? Here are four tips to get a step ahead and make the most out of next year’s Wrapped.

1. Remove the audio you fall asleep to with private listening mode

As well as hiding your guilty pleasures from your friends, private listening sessions do not count towards your personalized music recommendations or end of year stats. If you regularly use Spotify to send you to sleep, you may want to turn on Private sessions.

On the mobile app, head to the Home page, then tap the cog in the upper right corner. Go to Social and toggle Private session on.

On the desktop app, simply click the arrow to the right of your name in the upper right corner, then click Private Session.

Repeat the above steps to turn off private sessions.

2. Give your children their own musical experience—and preserve your own—with Spotify Kids

Spotify Kids includes handpicked kid-friendly songs and playlists by Spotify’s editors. Kids accounts are separate from your own, with their listening habits and recommendations not messing with yours. Spotify Kids accounts require a Premium Family subscription.

3. Discover more artists, podcasts, and genres with audio for everyone and everything

Explore new genres and expand your musical repertoire. Spotify have endless playlists suited to any activity or mood, or perhaps 2021 will be the first year you get into podcasts. You can browse shows on Spotify by genre, podcast playlists or even podcast charts.

4. Access Wrapped year-round

Spotify Wrapped occurs in December every year, but they stay around for you to enjoy year-round. You can find your Spotify Wrapped at any point over the year by heading to Search on the mobile app. You’ll find 2020 Wrapped under Browse all. Here you’ll find your year’s round-up, as well as all the personalized playlists such as Your Top Songs 2020, Missed Hits and On Record. Scroll down and find the top track and artists playlists in your region and globally, plus many more meaningful playlists and podcasts from 2020.

For behind the scenes gossip on all things Spotify Wrapped, listen to 2020: That’s a Wrap! from the Spotify: For the Record playlist.