Rumours suggest Apple’s platform for solely streaming classical music could be about to launch.

Apple Music promised to fill the gap in the apps for classical music market with a new streaming service dedicated to the genre. But there have been no announcements since Apple bought classical music streaming service Primephonic back in 2021. No word, that is, until now.

Judging by code in iOS 16.4 Beta 2, Apple Music Classical could be launching very soon. As reported by MacRumors, the line reads: “To listen in ‌Apple Music‌ Classical, you’ll need to install ‌Apple Music.”

The wording seems to suggest Apple Music Classical will be built into the existing Apple Music app in some way. Primephonic was a standalone classical music platform, and Apple had suggested its platform would be similar.

Streaming classical music on Apple Music, and many other online platforms, currently involves discoverability difficulties – even if you’re searching for a specific work, often numerous options will appear with different orchestras, conductors, concert halls, musicians, or dates of performances. Hence, the demand for a separate classical music app. Ironically this vast genre metadata problem could be the reason for the delay in the launch of Apple’s classical music app.

Classical music fans and classical music artists, who have been eagerly awaiting the launch, will be pleased to know that Apple hasn’t forgotten the project – even if its not clear what the product will look like when it emerges.

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