Image Credit: Spotify

Playlist in a Bottle makes you a hidden Spotify playlist that you can’t edit or listen to for a whole year. Will your music tastes have changed in 2024?

You may not yet have got your head around the fact it’s now 2023, but Spotify doesn’t care. It’s already looking ahead to next year. The latest fun new playlist for Spotify users is songs in a time capsule, buried until 2024 for Future You to dig up.

What is Spotify Playlist in a Bottle, and how do I get one?

In order for Spotify to create and seal your Playlist in a Bottle, you need to first head to from a mobile device.

To assemble your playlist, Spotify gives you prompts like “A song you need to hear live in 2023” or “A song that reminds you of your favourite person.”

Answer the questions and Spotify will create a time capsule of the songs that are speaking to you right now. Will your choices hit differently in 2024?

The feature is only available until January 30, so move quick.

One song can mean a completely different thing to you in another point of time – lyrics can be interpreted in a whole new way depending on what’s happened in your life and the wider world since the first time you heard them.

When you hear the chosen songs at the beginning of 2024, you’ll think of how far you’ve come (or everything you didn’t achieve, if you’re already feeling pessimistic about this year).

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