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Who is the most popular artist on Spotify?

A new music streaming record has just been broken! Who is the most followed artist on Spotify in July 2022?

Facebook’s Home tab goes full TikTok, while Feeds is just for those your follow

Facebook ditch the News Feed and introduce two new viewing options: Home and Feeds. Choose how many suggested posts you see on Facebook.


    Doesn’t work. Before I used Opera VPN to access the site. But now I can’t access the front page. It’s just blank. Clearing cache and cookies doesn’t help. Private/Incognito window doesn’t help. Still blank. The only way to access was to use Tor Browser. And it’s super terrible. Because it requires like 15 pages of annoying Recaptcha pictures to solve.
    I am so sad 🙁

    Hey Arseniy, sorry to hear about your issues accessing the website! If you get in touch with us at support@routenote.com our team will be able to look into this with you and hopefully we can work out the issue and get you back on.

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