W. A. Production’s Puncher 2 Lite is a transient shaper, multiband compressor and parallel compressor for free

Image Credit: W. A. Production

W. A. Production release Puncher 2 Lite, a stripped back version of Puncher 2, allowing you to quickly and easily improve the sound of your audio.

With powerful compression and transient shaping, Puncher 2 Lite has taken the most useful parts of the full $69 Puncher 2 plugin, streamlining the control interface, to really help instruments standout, adding an extra layer of punch to your projects.

Puncher 2 Lite
Image Credit: W. A. Production
  • Transient Shaper – The main Transient mix dial allows you to set the intensity of the transient shaping effect, making your kicks kick harder and creating snappier snares. There are 5 different levels of the shaping effect, from no effect at all, to 100% processed, defining your transients to the max.
  • Multiband Compressor – The useful Multiband section divides audio into 4 bands with subtractive IIR filters, creating a real-time linear phase Multiband split. Every band has its own independent compressor that, when combined, produces a smooth analog-like effect.
  • Parallel Compressor – Apply smooth Parallel Compression with this dial, to even out the dynamics in your track in a very natural way. Pushed harder, a powerful compression effect can be heard, effective with more acoustic audio. Reduce the dynamic range of the effected signal and then set the dial from 0 to 100% in increments of 25% – nice and easy.
  • Bypass & Master Gain – The bypass control is smoothed to be as click and pop free as possible for unhindered A/B testing when combined with the Gain dial.
  • Visual Feedback – The live before and after waveforms at the centre of the interface show exactly what’s happening to the signal as it travels through each module of Pumper 2 in real time. This allows for accurate monitoring at every step of the chain.
  • Preset System – Save and load your favourite settings with the onboard preset browser, making it easy to recall settings that you’ve used before.

Puncher 2 Lite is available on Mac and PC as a VST, AU and AAX plugin. To download for free, head here, click BUY, CHECKOUT NOW, then enter your email address to login/create a free account.

See the demo and walk-through of all the controls here:

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