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Creators around the world can make money on YouTube as Super Thanks tipping feature rolls out to all eligible creators. Here’s how to set it up.

YouTube’s Super Thanks feature is now available to all partner program channels across 68 countries around the globe, helping creators make money doing YouTube videos. Previously only available as beta, the feature gives users a way to “tip” and show they’re grateful for the content their favourite artists and other creators have made.

If watching a music production tutorial helped you finally understand sidechaining, for example, Super Thanks let you show your appreciation beyond a like or a subscribe. For artists, it’s another form of revenue on YouTube. Users can give creators up to $50.

YouTube also lets users make their Super Thanks comment more personal, adding colour so their contribution stand out on a channel.

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How to enable Super Thanks on YouTube

To get Super Thanks so viewers can tip you on YouTube, you need a monetized YouTube channel in one of the 68 eligible locations.

  • Go to YouTube Studio
  • Find Monetization in the menu
  • Hit the Supers tab and follow the instructions
  • Select the Super Thanks button

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